About Us

GameTrep = Game entrepreneurs from Game Devs to eSports

GameTrep is an organization that was formed to  actively pursue the growth of the local game industry ecosystem in South Florida. As the indie developer ecosystem matures GameTrep will transform to assist local talent or other game related ventures with support in business, marketing, legal, or investment resources. GameTrep will also fosters the local eSport community as the consumer facing side of our beloved industry.

GameTrep is currently a nexus for talented individuals to network and combine talents to form studios or projects. This includes a growing list of talented mentors that will work through GameTrep to help incubate or accelerate projects to a higher degree of quality.

Meet the Founder & Mentors!

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Founder – Andru Fratarcangeli

Andru is an advocate of game development in South Florida that founded GameTrep in effort to boost the nascent game developer community in South Florida. He is currently the Miami Chapter Organizer for the Florida Game Developers Association (FGDA) and works closely with local higher-education institutions. Andru also serves on several advisory and board positions within local game-centric organizations such as the South Florida International Game Developer Association and the #MakeGamesMiami Campaign.


Animation & Art Mentor – Frank Velazquez

Frank is the Chair for the South Florida International Game Developers Association and key member in South Florida’s game developer ecosystem as a co-founder of the #MakeGamesMiami Campaign. He is an alumni from the 3D Animation and the Fine Arts from the Miami International University (Art Institute) with many years of experience in branding, marketing and entrepreneurship.  He is also an indie developer on a newly formed studio that is to be publicly announced sometime this summer that is working on a mobile virtual reality game.


Game lawyers of PoloPimentel law








Legal Mentors – PoloPimentel Law

PoloPimentel law have been an indispensable part of our local communities growth, helping local devs and GameTrep navigate around common pitfalls while adhering to solid legal business practices with their specialization in startup, entertainment and IP law . As gamers themselves they are fully committed to the health and wealth of the new game related businesses emerging around South Florida!