Magic Leap – Independent Creator Program

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Opportunity alert for those of you with a talent for game development around augmented reality and spatial computing.

Make sure to check out Magic Leap’s Independent Creator Program which has has officially launched. If you haven’t already, you can join their newsletter and get information and updates for the program much like this huge announcement.

“The Magic Leap’s Independent Creator Program Designed is to help bring your vision to life, we’re offering grants between $20,000 and $500,000 per project, along with the developer and marketing support and the hardware you’ll need to launch your big idea.

No exclusivity required and you keep your own IP.

Submit your ideas now and enter as many times as you like. Entry closes Dec 15. Don’t miss out.”

If you’ve got a project in the works or just started on your passion project that fits their criteria you definitely need to take advantage of this and give it a shot. You lose nothing by submitting your game or app but can benefit in a big way towards some funding, dev support and marketing.

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