Funding Questions with Global Top Round Indie Fund

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Earlier this month we shared some NEWS about the Global Top Round 2018 applications opening for indie devs across the world to have a chance to enter their program and earn up to 300k in funding for worthwhile projects.

It peaked my interest on your behalf, dear reader, so I reached out to them and asked some questions to glean insights for you intrepid Game Entrepreneurs! Fortunately we’ve had those questions answered by Global Top Rounds COO, Rick Nahm, who is fantastic for taking his time to answer the questions below for all of us:

COO, Global Top Round BD

Gametrep (GT): Are there any kinds of projects or genres that are of particular interest?

Rick Nahm (Global Top Round COO):  Projects that we feel can grow into a franchise is always interesting. As for genre, we don’t really have preference for a particular genre.

GT: What is the process like for selection?

Rick: We have our GTR community (GTR members, partners, advisers) evaluate and short list applicants to around 40 projects by playing the games and reviewing submitted documents. Then we interview via Skype to shortlist to the top 20 where we would then fly them into the GTR conference to compete to be selected as top 10 and GTR cohort.

GT: Do you have any preferred methodology for product valuations or recommended documentation like “Pitch decks”?

Rick: We use a standard list of questions that we’ve seen success with in our selection process over the past few years. A good game and studio pitch deck always helps.

GT:How can indie developers best position themselves for these kind of funding opportunities? Traction, team, prototypes, etc.?

Rick: A well playable game build is a must. Also, we often see much potential in a talented dev team or individual with track records.

GT:Is there any advice you have for game developers or content creators seeking investments, grants, etc.?

Rick: We see much talent year after year which is amazing. What we don’t really see is a feel and focus for business. Of course, this is kind of why our cohorts appreciate GTR.

It was really great to hear directly from them about their program and thoughts on the process or participants efforts. Hopefully there are some bits of information you can use to power up any applications for Global Top Round or other opportunities like theirs. Every bit helps but it’s up to you to start the process and follow through. Remember you’re not just a game dev but game industry entrepreneur!

Scientia potentia est!

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  1. If you see this comment and have some questions or would like me to ask in the next article for incubators, accelerators or funds let me know! I love this stuff and hope I can help you and other devs out 😀

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