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Altered Ventures Announces New Venture Capital Fund to Support Independent Video Game Developers Around The World

$36MM VC created in partnership with Mountain Nazca and Streamline Media Group to help finance innovation and creativity in video game development

San Francisco, CA – April 10, 2018 – Altered Ventures today announced the launch of a new venture capital fund to invest in hand-selected game projects from independent development studios throughout the world to support innovation and heightened creativity in the video games industry. A global company created in partnership with Mountain Nazca and Streamline Media Group and with offices located in Silicon Valley, Mexico City and Kuala Lumpur, Altered Ventures is planning to invest USD $36 million in new development projects with a special focus on emerging markets.

“I like to think of Altered Ventures as an industry ‘Dream Team’, as it was founded by people with more than 20 years of experience making, producing and publishing videogames, as well as having a really strong and experienced Venture Capital core team,” said Mario Valle-Reyes, co-founder and Managing Partner of Altered Ventures. “Our investment thesis is fair to developers and very concrete, since we provide real cash-flow for development and marketing. It’s also very attractive to investors, because they don’t need to wait 5 to 8 years to see their returns as with traditional venture capital.”

Altered Ventures has a non-traditional VC investment model that provides independent game developers with 100% of the funds needed to both develop and publish their game without giving up equity in their studio. Instead, the return on investment comes directly from a revenue share from the project’s top-line.

The fund completed its first closing in December 2017 and is beginning the capital allocation stage in both developed and emerging markets.

About Altered Ventures:
Altered Ventures is a Venture Capital fund with offices in San Francisco, Kuala Lumpur and Mexico City. Launched in partnership with leading VC Mountain Nazca and AAA cross-platform game development and creation services company, Streamline Media Group, Altered Ventures invests in games and interactive entertainment projects for digital platforms, including PC, game consoles and VR/AR. The company is a global fund that supplies talented independent game developers all over the world with smart money to bring their innovations to fruition.

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