Unity Engine: Universal GameDev Challenge

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Fortune favors the bold, especially in the game industry which is hyper competitive with extremely talented and passionate professionals. That said, here is a new opportunity to hopefully help kickstart your career with an amazing portfolio piece and with some hard work possibly a fast track into the industry itself.

The Universal GameDev Challenge is a contest which includes five iconic worlds from Universal. From the classic Back to the Future™ films to the current animated series and popular reboot Voltron Legendary Defender, the Universal GameDev Challenge celebrates the creativity of game developers designing and building a PC game with Unity.

The first phase challenges the entire developer community to share their vision in a Game Design Doc, and pitch it in a recorded video. Six entries will be selected by our panel of expert judges and move onto Phase 2, where they will be invited to an exclusive VIP Mentorship Summit to work with visionaries, engineers, and spokespeople from Universal, Microsoft, Intel and Unity to help them make the most of their project. The finalists will be tasked with creating a vertical slice of their vision using Unity, and submit for the ultimate goal: a consultancy agreement with Universal and the chance to make their game a reality.
Every contestant gets the opportunity of a lifetime to design a game for an iconic world.


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