Blockchain Marketplace, DMarket Partners with Unity Technologies

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Lately it seems as if blockchain and space money (aka cryptocurrency) is raining down upon our news-feeds harder than molten rain. That’s okay though since every now and then something cool happens with it, like a partnership between Unity and DMarket, the makers of a Blockchain marketplace.

You may be asking yourself “Why is that cool?”

Well I am glad you asked, that is because “The partnership allows any Unity-based game to easily connect to DMarket blockchain and make in-game assets available for virtual trading and exchange. The partnership also makes it possible for gamers to connect their game account to DMarket, create their assets inventory on DMarket and start trading, while keeping track of all relevant transactions.”

This would cost about 2 red mana and one colorless but let’s be real…land destruction is still worse than any amount of space money and blockchain buzzword talk.

What does all that mean? A few things but an example for gamers is “It enables any Unity game to generate in-game items on DMarket blockchain, withdraw them to a user account on DMarket, and migrate them back to the game. Gamers can manage items and withdraw them from game account to DMarket without leaving the game.”

I know this is all still sorcery talk, we’ll try to break it down Barney style.

So imagine if you will that items can kind of become a traceable secondary market, which means if you have an epic crafting system your in-game crafters may make an item that becomes a traded legacy item that has a history and may even make the crafters money as the item is moving through players hands alongside the studio perhaps. This might even be the solution for Steams Mod Market ambitions, or more accurately their woes from the difficulty of mods using other mods to mod so to say.

Crafters seen debating who gets what % of the new epic level codpieces for the PVE dragon slayers.

At a minimum it will make virtual goods available for trade, which despite my optimism will undoubtedly also herald in some new business practices for certain publishers and studios in a world of microtransactions, lootboxes and pay 2 win business practices.

I for one hope to see more ambitious game devs committing to using this to benefit crafters, modders, the virtual economy and in the end it will likely benefit their own studios.

Check out this quick 30 second video pitch about what DMarket is about:

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