Indie Friendly Funding with Treasure Hunters Fanclub?

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One of the biggest issues indie game devs relay to me as a community organizer is a lack of funding or even where they can reliably seek it. Fortunately a new source is forming called the Treasure Hunters Fan Club. As I understand it from their press release it appears to be an angel/publisher network of sorts for indie game developers.

This is a good thing that the indie side of the industry can always use and should result in some indies not only being able to raise some startup funding but also hopefully help them navigate the mine filled maze that is game development.

Here is a section about the games they are looking for:

“THFC is looking for games that fit the description of unusual and surprising games. They should be mechanically interesting, and at the moment we’re particularly interested in narrative-driven projects. We want games that are taking creative risks and breaking new ground with the potential to break out and succeed commercially.

THFC is accepting pitches from studios and creatives all over the world. You do not need to be in North America to be considered.”

Time will tell if they can find success in funding indies and if indies can find success from backing with this group but either way it’s still an opportunity that is now available. If you are a dev and need funding definitely check this out! Check out their page here

We will see about some additional information on this in the future and will keep an eye on it for you.

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