Miami HEAT & Team Misfits – Miami Official Overwatch City

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Ever since the Miami HEAT invested in Team Misfits we’ve suspected there was something larger in the works in combination with the Blizzard Overwatch City news. The announcement in July confirmed that speculation but the only question that remains is how Blizzard envisions making it a reality with organizations like Team Misfits and the Miami HEAT.

If we had to guess the American Airlines Arena is about to get a whole new compliment of LAN gaming capabilities to support Esport events in a live and consistent venue. If this is true or anything similar then gamer lives in South Florida are going to get bigger and better! Check out the excerpt below from the previous press release.

“Misfits Gaming is thrilled to join the Overwatch League and represent the great cities of Miami and Orlando,” said Misfits Gaming CEO and Co-Founder Ben Spoont. “Competing as part of a major city-based esports league is something we’ve always wanted to do, and together with our partner the Miami Heat we’re very excited by the potential to build something amazing for our fans in the months and years ahead. This is going to be a great experience for teams and everyone who loves esports.”

See the full press release here

Miami HEAT invest in Team Misfits

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