Unreal Florida Meetup

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For those of you game devs who absolutely adore the Unreal engine I have some great news for you. On the second Tuesday of each month the community will get together for the Unreal Florida Game Dev meetup at Florida International University. These events will be posted here on the sites event section as well so if you won’t have to go far to find them every month.

That said, the group is run by several local studios who use the engine in their games own development and want to help our community learn or just improve their skills with the engine. The contributing studios currently include Helm-Systems, Good War Games, Nuclei3DDefine-Human with more joining the cause as the community grows.

So, no more excuses about learning UE4! Get over there and make the games you’ve always wanted to or just network with some of the most talented game devs in South Florida.

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