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So we are proud to announce we’ve officially sponsored the 1st Annual Game Culture Con Cruise and Expo for Miami. It is an exciting event for our industry down here and with enough support this year can be the catalyst for many opportunities for Florida’s game industry.

Below is a bit of info from the press release, notably:

Early bird ticket campaign to save $300 on most rooms and a chance to enter to win an ocean view cruise room and GaCuCon passes by 8/01/2016 by signing up on the banner link below. No purchase necessary to get a chance at the sweepstakes:







Game culture comes to Miami in a big way with the 2017 Game Culture Convention (GaCuCon – [Gah.Coo.Con]). Sailing from Miami on January 25 – 30th, 2017, GaCuCon kicks off with a one night land event then takes gamers on a four day cruise to Key West and Cozumel, Mexico. GaCuCon will include VIP guests from the four pillars that make up the multi-billion dollar industry such as game development, game media, game technology and eSports.

Ticket sales began on June 1st including a $300 dollar discount on all rooms excluding Suites until August 1st, 2017 using promo code “EB-SAIL-2017”

Not only is this the first major game focused event in South Florida but it’s also the first of its kind on a cruise. The decision to place GaCuCon on a cruise was made to create a unique and special atmosphere where game industry professionals and gamers could not only enjoy but relax in vs the rush of traditional gaming conventions. Truly something exciting  to experience for enthusiasts within travelling distance and industry veterans who love conventions but would like to be in a different environment.

For those on the Eastern seaboard, GaCuCon provides an affordable option to experience game related conventions when compared to travelling to the West coast, where most game industry events are held. GaCuCon Cruise is more cost effective than travelling to GDC or Pax West including travel, lodgings, food, drinks and tickets. GaCuCon Cruise comes priced with rooms for two (2) including food and activities for guests to enjoy at their leisure.


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