HTC $100 Million VR Accelerator Program

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Some great news for you game developers looking for a little incentive to create a VR game. Introducing the HTC VIVE X Global VR Accelerator program. HTC knows how to win the coming VR headset war and they know it is won not by gear specifications but by content.

They’ve realized to get the VR content needed for the coming war they need to fill the war chests of those in charge of creating that very same content. Which I of course mean fund all of us! The VR content creators including games as a large part of that.

So rejoice and take advantage of their program, especially you my fellow Florida game devs. We very rarely get access to funding like this within reach and submitting your VR project or content benefit outweighs any risk.

If you do submit, let us know how it goes! We’d love to share your success with our community and we encourage everyone to give it a shot.

Make sure to visit their site and check out their application process.

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