Gamers, we are Legion!

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We’ve been busy working in the shadows to unite the clans of gamers across South Florida, now you may be wondering why would we do that since we work with game developers?

Answer includes a few reasons as to why we are pursuing this avenue. All of course to spur the game industry growth here in South Florida in addition to our traditional game developer events and resources including:

  1. Connecting local game devs with local gamers for:
    1. Feedback on their games in development
    2. Create bonds for potential early adopters and supporters for their local product
    3. Get game developers a better understanding of their market with hands on experience
  2. Converting gamers into game devs over time by cross promoting both industry verticals.
    1. Most gamers at some point in their gaming life have thought about how cool it be to make their own game.
    2. We hope to be there to encourage that and show them with effort and dedication it can be down.
    3. This will grow the amount of studios and projects here in Florida to grow the chances of there being a local hero project or studio to grow in South Florida.
  3. Gives us more ammunition for the fight to grow the industry.
    1. Gamers, we are legion. By uniting it gives localized industry evangelists like us here at GameTrep more bargaining power with external groups.
    2. The larger our events, mailing lists, etc. gives us more legitimacy and appeal to local politicians, business owners, etc. to get what we need done for our beloved industry’s growth.
  4. Because it is fun and we are gamers too!
    1. It helps game developers network in an enjoyable setting.
    2. It will hopefully get existing and potential devs talking  to create more projects around South Florida.

If you know of gaming groups, tournament organizers or other people looking to help on the gaming front let us know, we’d love to talk with them.

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