Microsoft UWP, moves against games?

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UWP game industry

Hard to ignore when a giant moves and that is exactly what is happening with Microsoft and the Universal Windows Platform. Since the Windows 10 launch Microsoft has been pursuing their software as a service vs the one time purchase of the operating system. The app store on our Windows 10 computers is a testament to that effort.

Since this business model shift they seem to be setting up the Universal Windows Platform for a stronger posture as a transactional business with content creators. Essentially funneling them through their Universal Windows Platform to reach Windows 10 users.

While Microsoft says this is more of a security move, the parallels with locking in their app based sales in the future seem too convenient. That paired with their new business model has alot of game developers concerned. Such as the legendary Tim Sweeney, who argues “UWP API’s comprised a first step toward locking down the currently open consumer PC ecosystem” in his opinion piece in the Guardian.

While it is too early to tell the writing seems to be on the wall, Microsoft wants to generate reoccurring revenue with everyday users. This is a bold first step towards that even if they claim otherwise. Considering they are a for profit company with no qualms about maximizing profits it is not a stretch of the imagination for them to try and capitalize on games through windows as an “app”.

If you want to read a more in-depth version of his point of view and explanation of this situation you should head over to Venturebeat and check out his latest response.

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