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FIFA16 @ Microsoft Aventura (9/19/2016)

Friday (9/19) from 9PM – 12AM is an epic night of FIFA16 competition at the Microsoft store in the Aventura Mall.


Microsoft Store at the Aventura Mall
Microsoft Store at the Aventura Mall

Address: Aventura Mall, 19575 Biscayne Blvd #1565, Aventura, FL 33180

Phone: (305) 914-1840

Due to the popularity and our equipment limitation we’ve had to restrict the event to the first 20 registrants as the competitors located here at our battlefy site

So if you see this before the tournament make sure to RSVP as soon as you can we are limited to 20 competitors for this FIFA16 swiss round competition.



Gift cards for top 3 ranking players

Gift card giveaway drawing for remaining competitors, even if you don’t place you still have a chance to win something just by participating!


Friday 9PM – 12AM

9PM – 9:15PM : Opening and match making

9:15PM – 9:30PM : Match setup

9:30PM – 9:40PM : Round 1

9:40PM – 10:00PM: Round 2

10:00PM – 10:20PM: Round 3

10:20PM – 10:40PM: Round 4

10:40PM – 11PM: Round 5

11:00PM – 11:20PM: TieBreaker Round & Challenges

11:20 – 12AM: Awards, giveaway and closing


Show up on time and ready for the matches, because these are rounds if you come late and miss a round you will be at a disadvantage for total points at the end of the tournament.

Do not disrespect anyone, we are one community, you will see many of these people again if you want to take part in the growing eSport community and prizes.

Disrespecting or cheating will get you banned from the tournament.

Rules below:

  • There is no entry fee for this tournament
  • The tournament is Swiss Round Format with no elimination.
    • Everyone will play through the 2 hour duration or forfeit their chance of winning the prizes
    • Round 1 will be randomized matchups
    • Round 2-5 will be matched up from highest match wins to lowest
      • This will help balance out the competition to make sure players gradually face similarly skilled opponents and not defined by luck of draw.
    • Rankings are determined by points awarded for wins, ties and losses.
      • Win = 2 points
      • Tie = 1 point to each player
      • Loss = 0 points
      • Total goals scored per match will be calculated throughout the entire tourney as secondary method for ranking by highest match score and total points in game through the tournament.
  • Disrespecting opponents will not be tolerated and will result in your ejection from the tournament after being warned.
  • Matches
    • Each match will be played with standard teams
    • Each match will have perfect weather
    • Each match will be comprised of two 5 minute periods per 20 minute rounds


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