ESA Report: Incentives, Education Investments Help Video Games Revitalize Local Economies

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The Entertainment Software Association recently reported their findings that incentives and education investments for Video Game ventures end up helping their local economies in a significant way. We couldn’t agree more!

The game industry involves so many different skills, talents, equipment and structures that it would be difficult for it to not help the local economies. Considering games encompass business, art and technology that leaves room for employment with higher salaries and extremely lucrative business ventures.

Needless to say, we’re very pleased that the ESA released their findings. Great news for organizations like ours who are constantly in a struggle educating investors, policy makers, and other resource gate keepers of the game industries value to Florida.

Fortunately we are making significant gains in our battle, and reports like this validate our arguments. I’d recommend if you are a stakeholder in the Florida Game Industries growth you should check out the Entertainment Software Associations Newsletter and put that knowledge to good use for our mutual mission.

See you on the battlefield fellow Game Entrepreneurs!

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