2016 Global Game Jam @ City Desk Miami ( Jan. 29-31)

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It is that time of year folks, the Global Game Jam is upon us. This year we are hosting a GameJam at City Desk Miami, a beatiful co-working space to help get those creative juices flowing.

GameJams are one of the best events you can go to and the Global Game Jam is the most well known and exciting one across the world. We are proud to organize this for everyone and hope you decide to join us to make games!

Please RSVP HERE as soon as you can!

Want to play this Game Jam in Hard Mode? Check out this year’s Diversifiers

We are doing out best to raise funds to cover the costs on this event for staffing, cleaning the space, some snacks and drinks for people to enjoy on their glorious game jam mission!

So if you have some change lying around and want to support us doing the things we do check out our baby Patreon…well take any help we can get *queue violin music* .

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