Unity Roadshow in Miami

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If you didn’t already know from our emails, social media posts and our shouting from the Floridian mountain tops (what?) the first ever Unity Roadshow in Miami is happening !

Last couple of months have been a fun kinda crazy trying to find venues for the Unity Roadshow that could support this kind of event. We checked with so many places like LAB Miami, Venture Hive, UM, FIU, MDC, MIU, and WeWork to name most of the bigger ones we tried for.

Fortunately Unity found a place to host their first Roadshow in Miami at Marriott Biscayne Bay.  A really nice venue and has more than enough space for all of us to get our gamedevucation on!

So with that said, the event ready to roll on December 17th!

If you haven’t already you should RSVP HERE …if you are reading this in the future past Dec. 17th well we will hopefully get them back down here again for you soon in 2016.

Hmmm I think there may be a GameJam with all these new Unity devs in the near future…I better get to work planning that. GO RSVP!!!


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