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Happy Thanksgiving!

Let’s all be thankful for gaming!

We just wanted to say happy Thanksgiving to all of you and hope you get some rest, play some games and feel ready to tackle the gaming world. We know we will be enjoying the holiday with our friends and family as well.

We are thankful all of you have subscribed to our newsletter, visit our site, support the community and of course the mission of transforming Florida into the next major game industry hub for our region if not the country!

Game Culture Conference…on a cruise!!!

That’s right I said it, a game culture conference on a cruise is on the horizon. We are helping to create a new annual event for game development, game media and pro-gaming here in South Florida. We hope it will help boost our regions visibility for game devs and lure some industry big wigs to check all of the talent out down here!

That said we need your help!

.Please sign-up for the conference and cruise email at and share it as far and as wide as you can!

Academic E-Sport 

We’ve also been fortunate enough to work with Empower Next and GoGetter Nation to speak with the Miami-Dade School board to make formal E-sport teams to all of the 470+ High Schools in Miami-Dade.

Should be alot of fun but more importantly a great way to get some kids outside of traditional extra-curicular activities involved with school and striving for higher academic success for E-Sports scholarships we are fund raising for them!

More info on that soon!!!

Here is a round up of news relevant to the game industry or any kind of game entrepreneurship. If you have any news to share email us and we may be able to share it! Industry news links below:

  • is here for news signup about the Game Cruise and Indie Dev Expo!
  • is coming soon, possibly late spring 2016 for an E-Sport Invitational in Miami
  • Booker T. Washingtons after school program to start in a few months, if you are interested in teaching game development to High school aged teenagers. We can use all the help we can get.
  • Email suggestions for a cool bar & restaurant for our next LAN party.
  • Send us contacts for game media personalities or content in Florida we want to help network them with our game devs. Think Youtubers, bloggers, Twitch streamers, etc.
  • If you are a a studio or independant game entrepreneur with a company logo send a 600×600 pixel image of it to us to be featured on’s community page! Free advertising space!!!

You’ve made it this far now join the community. Our events throughout the month are there to help you grow as a game dev, game media superstar or even a pro-gamer! Meet others to help build your dream, and even play some games from time to time. Stay up to date on events at:

Monthly Event Listings

Special Events

  • Miami’s first Unity Roadshow -Learn how to make games with the Unity Engine in a full day workshop for free!  Registrations will be open soon, we are helping Unity finalize the venue.

If you know of any or have any events to share let us know at

We will help support any game industry initiatives for the state if we can. Collaboration is the name of the game!

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