Activision buys ‘Candy Crush’ creator King Digital for $5.9B

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#‎CandyCrush‬ studio King purchased by ‪#‎Activision‬ for 5.9 Billion . More ammo for us to convince investors & politicians in ‪#‎Miami‬ that gaming’s a serious biz and worth investing in 🙂

If you think 5.9 Billion is extreme for a mobile video game prepare yourself for this. CandyCrush reportedly makes  $911,040 a day according to’s app sales data tool as shown to us by one of our own Game Devs Michael Rodriguez.  Add in merchandising and other potential revenue streams Activision may now have in mind and they may very well have a well spent investment on their hands.


That said, are you guys ready for World of CandyCrush?!

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