Gametrep and Miami Game Devs @ OrlandoiX!

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Tomorrow the Gametrep crew and some other Miami based studios from our community will make the pilgrimage to OrlandoiX Tech and Game conference.
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We are attending as GameTrep to share the news that Miami has a flourishing game developer community. One with ample talent and hunger to become a major industry hub!
Our booth is going to be pretty basic mostly to showcase other local studios like Digital Faces new game DreamDodger, FuSharks beautiful art and our reel from Supercon with over 17 other studios from the region.
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Other studios from South Florida in attendance will be:

We will be showing some devs work in the GameTrep booth as well!

While we are doing this for free, to help our fellow dev brethren out, some have very generously donated some funds to help pay down our costs which is great! It will allow us to do more events like these to represent on behalf of dev teams, games or talent that cannot make it themselves.
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All in all, we are looking forward to this weekend at OrlandoiX and hope more opportunities develop from our connections we build there for Miami. Support us by donating to chip in for the cause of building the South Florida Game Dev Industry, sharing the news about Miami’s game development booming, and of course by making our local events.
Check out more about OrlandoiX HERE


  1. This was an amazingly educational experience!

    Orlandoix was great, and the crew and fellow indie devs associated with gametrep are an all around fun gang to hang out with.

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