Voice Actors on Strike!

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For those of you on Twitter you may have found #performancematters and #iamonboard2015 rising in the rankings. That my friends is because our noble voice actor kin are on strike to gain support for fair terms in their profession. The voice actors union started this movement for good reasons which you can find HERE including crazy things like penalties if you are not “attentive” by their own discretion of what is “attentive” or other ludicrous fines.

David Hayter Tweets #PerformanceMatters

I think it is a shame that these professional voice actors have pretty grim contract conditions considering these people have given so much joy and life to our favorite characters. Hopefully this will go in favor of the voice actors strike without too much consequence for the greater industry we love, a nice even resolution is all that we can hope for. If you want to support our voice wielding heroes check out this page HERE or just browse their site.

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When in doubt, tweet it out #performancematters and #iamonboard2015 in support. Feel free to add in there @Gametrep or #makegamesmiami to get us to favorite or retweet your support!

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