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 First of many

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This is the perfect month for our first newsletter since we’ve finally caught up with everything since SuperCon and the ton of content for gamedevs we captured. Since then we’ve had five meetup events, one special event “Intro to GameJams” and of course more recently a strong presence at SuperCon. All of this has helped add new members to our community, get some new skills in our talent pool and give current game devs or their studios some well deserved marketing.

New level unlocked! 

While July wasn’t as packed with special events we are planning on expanding our current meetups based on your feedback. The new event in August will be calledGameTreps Unite! A CO-OP Workshop Night.  This new event will let us come together for a few hours and just work on our own skills, at our own pace with help from other attendees. Think of it as a flash co-op workspace to take advantage of with the expertise of the community to help you become a better game developer! Hope to see you all there. Oh and we will see if we can kick in or get donations for some food and drinks, maybe even a keg with enough interest.

SuperCon Success

As mentioned, we’ve recently wrapped up our MakeGamesMiami presence at SuperCon and it was glorious. We’ve hosted several panels and workshops throughout the four day event. We’ve also scored some great pics and video that you can find at the GameTrep Youtube Channel. Total victory for our community!

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Here is a round up of news from across the good ol’ interweb relevant to game devs and game development. If you have any news to share email us at and we may be able to share it! Industry news links below:



You’ve made it this far now join the community. Our events throughout the month are there to help you grow as a game dev, meet others to help build your dream, and even play some games from time to time.

  • Miami Game Developers Monthly Meetup
    • Date – August 11th
    • Time – 7:30PM – 9:00 PM
    • Location – Venture Hive
  • Florida Game Developer Association Miami Meetup
    • Date – August 25th
    • Time – 7:30PM – 9:00 PM
    • Location – Miami-Dade InterAmerican Campus
  • GameTrep Unite! A CO-OP Workshop Night
    • Date – TBD in August
    • Time –  TBD
    • Location – TBD

Go to or to see the most up to date event lists from across the community.

If you know of any or have any events to share let us know at

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