Game Marketing Workshop (Aug 29th @ with IronHack)

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Check out our #MakeGamesMiami Marketing Resource Guide for 2015, a work in progress. Created for the August 29th Game Marketing Workshop at courtesy of IronHack Miami!

Download the workshop PDFs here:


MakeGamesMiami Game Dev Marketing Resource Guide

The event gathered all the talent we could reach across South Florida. Game entrepreneurs who are ready to take the next step and become indie developers or studio founders! Even those who are already pro and understand the value of events like this will be in attendance for the networking and potential collaborations.


Here is the event info to recap it:

“This is a special event to help anyone in the community who is seriously interested in developing games learn how to setup their marketing presence. Marketing is often cited as one of the leading causes of failures for indie projects and new businesses, the days of build it and they will come are done. You must now be very proactive and attract people to your content, especially in our competitive world where hundreds of games are launched daily!

This event will help you succeed, it will be very hands on for your needs. All to make sure you have everything to promote your project, studio or brands. We will also outline a plan for everyone to collaborate to create a solid engine for us to cross promote eachother.

Please RSVP and share this event with anyone related to the game industry and in our community. We want a great turnout to make an impact for the game developer community here in South Florida.

Where: 120 SW 8th Street Miami, FL 3rd Floor

When: August 29th, Saturday 1PM – 4PM

Agenda (May be subject to change)

What should I bring? 

A computer, you will be setting up your web marketing presence and learning some basic marketing principles that are hands on.

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