Indie Dev Origin Story – Brandon Calvet of Winterleaf Entertainment

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Welcome back GameTreps!

This week we have another game developer interview for the Indie Origin Series to share with all of you! This time it is Brandon Calvet of Winterleaf Entertainment and their game Dawn of Ascension.

Brandon shares his experience as a lead writer in a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) project called Dawn of Ascension. He will go over his beginnings with Winterleaf, his education and some additional tips for fellow indie game writers in remote teams or a leadership position.

Brandon was another chance encounter at Florida SuperCon this year, nestled in the hundreds of booths. He was there showing off the Dawn of Ascension trailer and speaking with fans or any curious passerby about the game. We had to take the opportunity to speak with him about writing for such a large scale project!


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