Alienware hosts ARK:Survival Modding Contest, 25k in Prizes.

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Alienware recently announced they are supporting an Ark: Survival Evolved Modding contest with 25k worth of prizes for winners of this contest. ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival sandbox game where players spawn in little more than a loincloth and glowing metal device built into your forearm. The goal of the game of course is to survive! Which is no easy task between hunger, dehydration, heat, cold, other players and let us not forget dinosaurs!

The contest is focusing around new maps or gameplay modes for mod entries which will require the ARK:Survival SDK which is built around the Unreal Engine. Below is the Alienware banner that summarizes the prizes:

Click for more contest details!

Needless to say the possibilities for creativity with these tools and the intellectual property are pretty much endless and should excite any of you who are aspiring game developers by getting a chance to grow your portfolio, experience and even wallets with the prize money. For those of you with your own studios and want to earn some money to help your own game out this is a good option to earn some cash aka studio lifeblood.

No matter what it is just another great opportunity for all of us and we should all take advantage of these whenever they happen. I for one may pop up a GameJam here with my local South Florida community to help them knock out some mods and hopefully win some money…more to follow on that o.<

Read more about the contest HERE

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