Supercon 2015: Sleepy Dragon Studios Panel

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Game developer talk Sleepy Dragon Studio

Supercon 2015:  Sleepy Dragon Studios Panel 

SuperCon is always a fun time as a gamer in South Florida, and this year it was even better. Why you ask? Well for us here in the game community it is made all the better from a very strong from indie game devs, GameTrep and MakeGamesMiami.

We were able to host two panels for Indie Devs to the community, record two additional panels  hosted by the Miami International University of Art & Design, plus a handful of interviews with new Miami based Indie devs we met at SuperCon.

Anyhoo, enough gushing about how great SuperCon went with all the panels and interviews. Talk is cheap so we will just have to show you! As our video producer gets all the videos complete we will create articles to share them here and our Youtube Channel starting with the Sleepy Dragon Studio Panel.

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Indie Game Devs Sleepy Dragon Studios: Panel Intro

Indie Game Devs Sleepy Dragon Studios: Coming up with an Idea 


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