Indie Origin Stories: MAD Game Studios

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Indie Origin Stories with MAD Game Studios

GameTrep presents the Indie Game Developer Origin Series! Featuring MAD Game Studios very own Frank Ortiz and Corvo Rubio. MAD Games is an indie game studio based directly out of Miami, Florida working on a game called DapperTapper. We had the opportunity to get in a quick interview in with them after their own character design Meetup event hosted out of the MADE at the Citadel building.

(While appearing concerned in the video thumbnail, no Franks were harmed in the filming of this video!)

The Indie Origin Story youtube series will showcase all the local talent and to hopefully inspire more people to take the leap and start their game dev journey. All part of our far reaching goal to transform our Miami into a game developer haven!

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Psssst, yeah you…there are three other interviews we will be releasing soon too! o.<

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