Humble Bundle for Game Devs

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HumbleBundle helping charities and new game devs in one shot with their Game Maker Bundle:

For those of you who are interested in game development but think you can’t because the tools are too expensive or too complex now is your chance to step off the sidelines. I present to you the HumbleBundle Game Making Bundle! As of this post there’s just about 7 days remaining to take advantage of this offer and support non-profits.

The non-profit charities include notable organizations such as Extra-Life / Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals, The IndieCade Foundation and Child’s Play Charity. The tools being offered in this bundle are everything you need to get into making games, especially 2D RPG, simple mobile games and even some 3D. To sweeten this offering it all only run you $12 minimum, although the more you can spare will help out the non-profit charities even more so share what you can afford above the $12. Keep in mind this bundle is MSRP’d at almost 2,000 dollars!

These tools are more than enough for people to make quick prototypes for those who want simple proof of concept tools and they have more than enough power to get full feature games made in the right hands. Check out the tools and games below to really explore the offer for your consideration:

Check out the video below from Game Dev Fort with more info on each of the bundle offerings:

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