A Tale of Unity’s Ease of Access, Flooded Game Market and Brand Equity

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A Tale of Unity’s Ease of Access, Flooded Game Market and Brand Equity:

The Guardian recently posted an interesting article with insights from Unity CEO,  John Riccitiello, about Unity and some potential brand issues across a segment of gamers. The article covers an interesting sentiment that some of these gamers view the Unity engine as capable of only creating amateur or lower quality games.

John Riccitiello points out that this correlation gamers are making may be due to Unity being both widespread and free to start with. The result of those two factors means it is the perfect option for students and hobbyists to adopt Unity their primary game engine. Now imagine how many students and hobbyist games are pumped out from this 4 million plus user base behemoth?! Our guess is a alot, at least enough to be casually noticed by your average gamer across all genres.

He also goes on to mention that the more polished game projects and studios are likely using the pro-Unity license which allows the devs to omit the Unity splash screen on their games. So while the pro Unity license games may or may not include Unity brand association the free version automatically includes it. John Riccitiello went on to say ” Maybe in terms of how the engine is perceived we ought to do that the other way around.”

That may be a solid first step if they plan on turning the brand around in the eyes of the average gamer. Most of which have no idea that the Unity engine is capable of putting out AAA quality games. So for those of you devs using Unity for your game it is some food for thought, even though it is not going to make or break your game.

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