Independence Day Anti-Sale to support Indie Game Devs.

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Ever hear of a promotion without any kind of sale? Sounds pretty counter intuitive right?

Fortunately in this case is attempting to educate gamers about voting with their wallets to support the games and game devs that bring them joy at full price to keep them in business. They are shining a light on the plight of indie game developers that is discoverability and profitability issues in a world of Steam Summer sales and HumbleBundles.

Hopefully over the next few days we will see a growing use of #indiependenceDay on Twitter indicating support for the indie game dev community with some sales. Make sure to check out their site and give their game list a look,  maybe pick up a game or two to show your support. We at GameTrep sure will in effort to stop the race to the bottom and support this anti-sale day!

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