A New Challenger Appears: Amazon Game Studios!

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That’s it folks pack it up, call it a day and lets all go back to making board games. Amazon aka the industry eater actually has a few games under its belt since their inception around late 2014. Well ok so it is not that dramatic and it is actually probably good for the industry in alot of ways, although we will undoubtedly find out over the next couple of years or for as long as they do it.

Still if you check out their site you will actually find several games there which range from fantasy to sci-fi to horror.  All of which seem to have some pretty solid production values and are built primarily for Amazon hardware like the Amazon Fire tablet, phone TV and some Apple hardware scattered throughout. Hopefully the platform will stick around long enough for more of us other game devs to start launching our games through when they have everything worked out.

Amazon has the potential to be a great partner, especially for indies. It is likely that game devs who build a solid relationship with Amazon will not only get another platform or devices to sell through but access to Amazon servers, web services and Twitch promotions. So there are likely to be some extra perks vs a normal partner platform or device to sell with.

So to all the devs we work with, be bold and try the new contender out, it may have some extra perks. If you do, let us know on Twitter @GameTrep or tell us on our Facebook we’d love to hear about your experience launching on Fire devices or even their web services.

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Oh and they’re hiring as of this post