Miami Innovation District Gaining Tech Community Support? Will it help Gaming Tech?

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The Miami Innovation District, as proposed, would include nine towers in a four block section of Park West. Half of the space would be for offices, the developer said. | Rendering provided by Miami Innovation District Read more here:

 Nancy Dahlberg of the Miami Herald recently wrote a very informative piece on the Miami Innovation District.  I’ve heard of it via RefreshMiami but this article covers some interesting info that may be of benefit to game developers here in South Florida.

According to the article it is a 10-acre development with a massive 633 foot LED tower as the centerpiece planned for Park West section of downtown. The district is meant to be a hub for growth in all things entrepreneur and tech which is pretty much what indie dev studios and game startups are. Hopefully by the time this district and the tower are up and open to the public in the next decade we will have even more game studios around South Florida with games that have traction to pull support from this venture. Support of course in the form of investors attracted to the space, work space for studios, or other opportunities we don’t possibly know of yet.

Of course this is alot of speculation this early out and I am sure this comes with its own downsides but I for one am optimistic that there will be opportunities for us game devs!

So, I don’t know about you fellow Game Devs but this is a pretty exciting thing to see happen here in South Florida when combined with the MDC Miami Animation and Gaming International Complex. Seems like we are going to witness some serious transformations of Miami-Dade for entrepreneurship, tech startups, and of course games. Fortunately for us, the game industry is the ultimate combination of tech, art, business and creativity. If any of these tracks benefit we do in some way as well so there is plenty of hope for us yet.

Oh and that 633 foot LED tower they mentioned? It is capable of broadcasting messages on a massive electronic billboard that I can only hope is capable of being used as a gigantic game screen!!! One can dream right? Anyways if you are interested read more about it with the link below.