May – Current projects & major events

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Hello GameTreps,

Below is a quick list of all the things going on in the community that GameTrep is taking part in to help grow the community and game industry. Now this will probably change from time to time and any major updates will be posted here in the blog space or on the Workspace page. Go check it out below, and if there are any events you’d like to participate in or contribute to with us I am just an email away! So reach out to me and get involved!

Current projects & major events

  1. SuperCon Student & Indie Reels –  Deadline June 5 for content collection
    • Indie Devs contact Gametrep at by June 5th to send content via dropbox or email.
    • Content curator will begin work on the video from June 6th – June 24th
  2. Intro to Game Jams – June 12 – 13
    • Meetup event registration here – Link
  3. SuperCon participation & attendance – June 25 – 28
    • Miami-Dade College Sponsored Local Game Dev & Education booth activities
    • Discussion & QA Panels
    • Indie Dev Workshops and Meet & Greets on the floor
  4. OrlandoiX planning – October 2-6 @ Several locations downtown Orlando
  5. Miami-Dade College MIA Animation Conference & Expo – October 16-17th @ MDC Wolfson & MAGIC
  6. Art Basel week participation – December 3-6