May – Miami Chapter FGDA Event News

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Guest Speaker:

Speaker: Clay Ewing

Subject: The importance of prototypes

Clay Ewing is Assistant Professor of Interactive Media/Games at the University of Miami.  His research focuses on serious games, implementing game mechanics into real world applications, and social justice. As a game designer, Professor Ewing’s games have tackled issues such as vector borne diseases, the cost of health care, social safety nets and labor practices.  His game simulating the Tanzania Social Action Fund’s social safety net program received an innovation award from the World Bank. Clay has worked with numerous non-profits including Red Cross Red Crescent, Open Society Foundations, ROC United, Oxfam, and the AIDS & Rights Alliance for Southern Africa.  His projects have been covered by The Huffington Post, NPR, Forbes, and The Consumerist.  He also is the creator of Queso, an open source learning management for gamifying the classroom.


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Speaker Clay Ewing